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An Introduction and An Invitation

For years my fondest hope about this website was that someday, someone would tell me what became of Charlie Baxter, the guy who played MY childhood horror host hero, M. T. Graves, whose shows I watched on Miami's Channel 7 when I lived in Key West in the early sixties.

Amazingly, in January 2003, I heard from two different people who told me that Charlie was alive and where he was living! One of my correspondents, Garnette Faircloth (aka G.G. the Cartoonist), sent me much more information about Charlie Baxter's career than I had ever heard before. Her incredible memories initially provided the original content for two new pages on this site:

G.G. soon told me how to get in touch with Charlie Baxter, who was pleased with our initial webwork, and started working with us to improve it. With his help, and with lots of contributions from Charlie's friends and fans, the website has been growing and developing ever since.

Charles Morrison Baxter passed away on October 3, 2007, but this website lives on, and YOU can help make it a worthy tribute to his life and work.

Graves Diggers Share Your Memories!

In the glory days of The Dungeon, fans could join the "Graves Diggers Fan Club" to show their loyalty for their favorite TV host. Charlie Baxter loved hearing from his true-grue fans many years after his shows left the air, and lots of e-mail and snail mail was forwarded to him through this website.

Charlie is gone now, but you can still share your memories of him with other fans:

send your comments about Charlie Baxter to E-gor (chastain@mail.wvnet.edu)
New pages of fanmail, feature articles, and lots more photos are forthcoming!

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